Maison Octopus creates timeless pieces, personal, basic staples which age beautifully and soak up emotions over time. We assert our identity through our choices of strong, quality materials and small local factories with a timeless elegant style.

Maison Octopus: objects to live with and to love.


pochette photo


pochette photo

Maison Octopus draws from the past to offer modern, durable objects for the present time. Our inspiration comes from the sea and the American and Breton cultures. Whether we’re looking to find shapes, materials, patterns, know-how, we want the objects we make to convey meaning. That’s why even when they are brand new, our products are already infused with history.

Nos Matieres et Nov=s Manufactures

We are using solid, premium traditional materials.


Selvedge canvas: woven on old restored looms, this canvas is characterized by its raw edges and a weaving so tight that it’s waterproof. Over time, the stiff canvas obtains a patina, gets a little creased, takes on a darker shade and becomes more supple, just like an old pair of jeans.


Wool broadcloth: soft, warm and naturally waterproof fabric, used to make the Breton “Kabigs” and French Navy uniforms.

Our materials are produced in France and Portugal in handicraft workshops and in EPVs (“Entreprises Patrimoine Vivant”, companies that have been certified for promoting France’s living heritage).